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For more than a decade we have been working closely with our clients to develop and deliver tailored solutions to the marketing challenges faced by their organisations. Our cross-functional structure and diverse skillsets allow us to think differently about these challenges and deliver truly integrated and pragmatic end results.

Marketing and Brand Consulting

Marketing and brand consulting forms the core of our business. We consult on all elements of brand marketing, from undertaking brand assessments to guiding our clients on their marketing structure, strategy and building their brand plans.

The Cape also helps our clients to build truly integrated multichannel marketing plans by combining our extensive insight, expertise and experience in both traditional and digital channel management to maximise our clients’ return on investment.


  • Assessment of Brand Strategy & Tactics
  • Assessment of Brand Team Structure & Capabilities
  • Strategy Development
  • Building Brands
  • Brand Planning
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Plans

Developing Brand Teams

One of the most interesting transitions within the pharmaceutical industry is when someone is promoted into the marketing team. In almost every other role there would be a significant amount of formal training provided to enable them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. This is seldom the case in marketing. Marketers are expected to learn on the job – a sink or swim approach, often in the absence of any formal marketing considerations.

At The Cape, we believe that there is a better way. We offer tailored development programmes for marketers at all levels. Whether it is a formal course-based introduction to the fundamentals of brand management, developing launch excellence and strategic marketing expertise, or simply coaching and mentoring individual marketing team members, our highly experienced consultants can help you.


  • Introduction to Consumer Psychology
  • Marketing Fundamentals Courses
  • Launch Excellence Courses
  • Strategic Marketing Courses
  • Individual Mentoring & Executive Coaching
  • Psychometric Evaluation

Launch Excellence

With fewer blockbuster drugs being launched and the development costs of a drug now reach around $2.5billion in direct and indirect costs, companies need to recoup their investment as quickly as possible. Launches are therefore a critical time in the product lifecycle and it is extremely difficult to change the launch trajectory if you get it wrong.

Our consultants at The Cape have worked on some of the biggest launches in the pharmaceutical marketplace and bring extensive experience to the table, helping you maximise your chances of a successful launch. Whether you need help with your strategy, position and messaging or even how best to structure your launch team, we have the expertise and experience to help you. In fact, we can even project manage the launch for you, helping to keep you on track and within budget.


  • Launch Strategy
  • Product Positioning & Messaging
  • Brand Team & Business Unit Structuring
  • Brand Development
  • Launch Planning & Project Management

Bespoke Workshops

One of the activities that we particularly enjoy doing is building bespoke workshops for our clients. Over the years we have developed and delivered a diverse range of workshops for a variety of clients around the globe. These include:


  • Developing your Operations & Brand Plans
  • Developing your Brand Vision & Values
  • Team Effectiveness Workshops
  • Building your Brands
  • Building an Innovative Organisation
  • Developing your Brand Strategy

One of the biggest advantages of these bespoke workshops is that you, the client, are reassured that the content will meet the unique needs of your organisation and the challenges that it faces.