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The Cape Marketing and Consulting Company was formed to create an organisation where we could feel free again, empowered, allowed to think differently about the challenges that we face.

We wanted to create a firm where our organisational culture encourages our people to always ask “why?” and to strive to change the current paradigm, stretching our imagination and challenging the way we think and work.

Our philosophy at The Cape Marketing & Consulting Company has therefore shaped our approach to designing the company itself.  This has driven us to build a company that is different, unbound and unshackled by rigidity or hierarchy, with open & honest communication and teamwork at the very core of the way we operate.

Teamwork is the core of our success

Always challenge the Paradigm

Everybody has to win


Integrity in everything that we do

Solutions have to be pragmatic and useful

Our Structure

We wanted to build a different type of company, one that enables us to be flexible, nimble, quick to anticipate and respond to challenges and requirements. We therefore use a virtual business model, with a small operational core that is supplemented by growing team of handpicked associates from around the globe.

This unique structure allows us to tailor team structures to meet the requirements of the client and, most importantly, it allows us to use multiple viewpoints from diverse skillsets to produce an end result that is both different and powerful.